Research Highlights
2014 01 02 | Nucleic Acids - Chemistry and Applications | A recent virtual issue of the Journal of Organic Chemistry/Organic Letters/Journal of the American Chemical Society commemorating the 60th anniversary of the elucidation of the DNA double helix has highlighted work by Le-Le et al. dues to its "high scientific quality and broad appeal." The article describes a simple strategy to prepare uniform DNA-modified up-conversion nanoparticles as versatile bioprobes.
2013 03 11 | Reversible assembly leads to tiny encrypted messages | Recent work by Brian N. Y. Wong et al. shows the development of a method for reversible and dymanic nano-assembly used to encrypt Morse code messages on a DNA origami tile. This work has been highlighted by UIUC News, JACS Spotlights.
2012 08 17 | 'Genetic code' guides nanoparticle growth | Work by Zidong Wang et al. demonstrating the use of defined DNA sequences to achieve specific nanopartical morphologies has been highlighted in C&EN, Chemistry World, and most recently the 2012‑2013 Beckman Institute Annual Report!
2012 05 07 | Bespoke Enzymes Push The Envelope | Recent work by Kyle Miner et al. and Xiaohong Liu et al., studying the role of tyrosine in oxidase activity in the myoglobin based oxidase mimic CuBMb, has highlighted the functional importance of this structural feature and it's histidine crosslink. This work has been highlighted by C&EN and Photon Sciences News.
2012 04 17 | More Coverage For Glucose Meters | Yu Xiang's recent publication, extending the DNA based glucose sensors to detect a wider range of relevant targets has been featured in "C&EN Online!"
2012 01 18 | A Glucose Meter That Detects Viruses | Yu Xiang's recent publication, adapting glucose sensors to detect viral DNA has been featured by C&EN and others!
2011 07 25 | A Personal Meter For Everything | Yu Xiang's recent publication, illustrating the development of a glucose meter-based system that can sense a variety of analytes, has been highlighted by C&EN, the University of Illinois News Bureau, and others! Congratualtions!
2011 02 04 | Grown in a crystal | The Lu lab's recent publication of gold nanoparticle growth in a protein crystal has been highlighted in the news. Congrats!
2010 11 05 | Yu has been Selected | The recent article by Yu Xiang et al. has been selected by Prof. Steven J. Lippard to appear in issue #9 of JACS Select - The Interface of Inorganic Chemistry and Biology. Congratulations.
2010 02 01 | Dipstick test for toxic lead | Priya's recent work on lead detection using nanoparticle-DNAzyme conjugates has been featured in the news. Congratulations!
2008 | Most accessed article | "MRI Detection of Thrombin with Aptamer Functionalized Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles", published in Bioconjugate Chemistry is being featured on the ACS Publications web site as a most-accessed article of the 1st quarter of 2008.
2008 | Most cited article | "Smart Nanomaterials Inspired by Biology: Dynamic Assembly of Error-Free Nanomaterials in Response to Multiple Chemical and Biological Stimuli", published in Accounts of Chemical Research was featured on the ACS Publications website as one of the Most-Cited Articles published in 2007 and cited through the period ending December 31, 2007.
2008 02 04 | Students get a say | Dr. Lu's Paper on Chemical Education was published in one of the most impacted magzine of general science Science and highlighted by Chemical and Engineering News published by ACS.
2008 | Top 10 nanomedicine article | Juewen's paper "Quantum Dot Encoding of Aptamer-Linked Nanostructures for One-Pot Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Analytes" which was published on Anal. Chem. was selected as one of the top 10 (#9) 2007 nanomedicine publication. The list was selected by Nanomedicine Research.
2008 01 14 | Cool solution for sensitive biomolecules | The study for temperature independent pH buffer was highlighted by University of Illinois News Bureau and the RSC supplement, Chemical Biology.
2007 11 21 | The changing colour of gold | Juewen's work on the design of a DNAzyme-based Cu(II) sensor has been highlighted by the Royal Society of Chemistry
2006 03 13 | Advances in Advnace | Juewen's paper in Adv. Mater. was selected to be one of the "Advances in Advance" in the journal: The articles listed here have been judged by the referees or the editor to be either very important or very urgent and are immediately copyedited, proofread, and published online when the manuscript arrives in the editorial office in its final form. More...
2006 02 09 | Aptamers in Nanoland | Juewen's work on nanoparticle and aptamer-based colorimetric sensors for adenosine and cocaine was highlighted by Nature.
2003 05 15 | Red signals lead | Juewen’s work on designing a highly sensitive and selective colorimetric DNAzyme sensor for Pb2+ detection has been reported by several scientific media sources.
2001 03 26 | What's in a name? | Read Dr. Lu's outlook on what it means to be a bio-inorganic chemist, in the 125th Anviversary Issue of C&EN.
2000 11 01 | Red signals lead | Jing’s work on designing a highly sensitive and selective fluorescent DNAzyme sensor for Pb2+ detection is reported by several scientific media sources.
General News
2014 09 03 | Arzeena Ali has been featured in a piece for the I-STEM Education Initiative as a Chemistry Merit Scholar: From Moon Rocks to Test Tubes: Arzeena Ali Exemplifies the STEM Pipeline in Action
2014 04 19 | Matt Ross in the lab has won the Distinction award from the Biochemistry department as a senior undergraduate student. Congratulations!
2014 03 05 | Dr. Priya Mazumdar, a former Lu group PhD, and the Lu group sensor technology are featured by the Chicago Tribune: How ANDalyze is bringing water testing to the mainstream
2014 January | Dr. Lu has recently been interviewed by American Scientist, the magazine of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, before his delivery of Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture at Sigma Xi Headquarter in Research Triangle Park, NC. To see the intervew: American Scientist: Building with DNA
2012 04 24 | Congratulations to Lu group member Parisa Hosseinzadeh for winning the Robert L. Switzer Award for Teaching! This award is given to an outstanding graduate student Teaching Assistant in Biochemistry. Great job, Parisa!
2012 04 03 | Congratulations to Lu group members Brian Wong and Tian Lan of GlucoSentient for winning the Burrill Best Digital Healthcare Application prize in this year's Cozad competition. Read more: News Gazette; Engineering at Illinois
2012 02 23 | Professor Yi Lu has been awarded the 2012 Innovation Discovery award in Champaign County's Innovation Celebration ceremony. This award is given for "disclosing to the University's Office of Technology Management a groundbreaking discovery with potential for significant societal impact." Congratulations for this achievement!
2011 08 31 | Brian Wong and Dr. Rashid Bashir were featured on WCIA demonstrating nanotechnology at science at the market. Watch the video here.
2011 07 21 | Congratulations to the following students for receiving departmental fellowships:
Kevin Hwang - Lester E. & Kathleen A. Coleman Fellowship;
Igor Petrik - C. S. Marvel Fellowship;
Li Huey Tan - J.C. Bailar Fellowship;
Shiliang Tian - Lester E. & Kathleen A. Coleman Fellowship;
Hang Xiang - R. C. Fuson Fellowship.
2010 11 30 | Congratulations to Nicholas Marshall for being awarded the T. S. Piper Award in Inorganic Chemistry. This is a prestigious award honoring the memory and accomplishments of Prof. Theron Stanish Piper. Read more here.
2010 10 01 | The handheld lead detectors, utilizing DNAzyme technology developed by the Lu lab and commercialized by ANDalyze, have been featured by Water Quality Products.
2010 07 16 | Congratulations to Dr. Lu on being appointed the inaugural Jay and Ann Schenck Endowed Professor in Chemistry. More...
2010 06-08 | Congratulations to Kevin M. Clark, Nathan Sieracki, and Weichen Xu for successfully defending their PhD theses. We wish them good luck as they continue their careers!
2010 05 06 | Congratulations to Julia Willet for being awarded the William T. and Lynn Jackson Merit Award.
2009 10 | Dr. Lu's company, formerly DzymeTech, has been renamed ANDalyze.
2009 10 | The first product based on the Lu group's patented catalytic beacon technology, a sensor for heavy metal ions, was launched this week. More...
2009 08 | DzymeTech, a company started by Dr. Lu, has been highlighted by News-Gazette.
2009 07 | The Lu group research has been highlighted by the NSF, and it is included as a highlight of research accomplishments in the 2010 NSF annual budget request to the Congress. More...
2009 05 | Dr. Lu's research has been highlighted by the Beckman Institute. More...
2009 03 | Functional Nucleic Acids for Analytical Applications, a book co-authored by Dr. Lu, has been published.
2008 10 | Dr. Lu has become an affiliated faculty of the Bioengineering Department in the College of Engineering.
2008 10 | Dr. Lu has become a member of the Executive Advisory Committee at Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MNTL)
2008 | Dr. Lu has received Special Creativity Extension Award from the National Science Foundation. The Award gives freedom from the pressure to prepare a formal proposal, which will stimulate additional creative work of greater risk and impact.
2008 | Dr. Lu has received Distinguished Visiting Professor from the National University of Singapore.
2007 10 25 | Dr. Lu is among the 471 new elected AAAS fellows in this year. He was chosen for pioneering work in biological inorganic chemistry, particularly for design and selection of metallozymes and their applications in catalysis, sensing and nanomaterial assembly. Congratulations! More...
2008 | Dr. Lu has been announced as the first recipient of the SBIC Early Career Award. He will receive the award at a special ceremony in Vienna at ICBIC XIII this summer and will deliver the award lecture. Congratulations!
2006 09 10 | Yi Lu believes he's come up with a simple, more effective way to detect the presence of lead. Within a couple of years, the University of Illinois chemistry professor hopes his Champaign-based company, DzymeTech Inc., will have test kits on the market that homeowners and home inspectors can use to check for lead in paint and water. More...
2005 09 30 | Lu group is part of DOD Army Research Office Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) Research Teams located in the Beckman Institute. More...
2003 02 27 | Dr. Lu named a University of Illinois Scholar.
2002 05 17 | Dr. Lu awarded Elsevier Biosensor & Bioelectronics Award.
2002 04 05 | Lu goup is part of NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for Direct Assembly of Nanostructures. More...